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SuperMatte Anti Shine

This transparent gel formula is the professional industry’s original shine control product, developed to mattify shine whether from oil production or skin that's just naturally more reflective. Use it under makeup to prep skin as a primer for oily skin, gently tap over finished makeup to touch up for all skin types, or use alone for a shine-free "no makeup" look. It’s especially great for personal use for those who don't wear makeup but want to control shine for a fresh, naturally matte appearance.

Now in a new .067 oz. pump delivery system!
Dark, Pump
$ 28.00
$ 18.00
Transparent gel formulated for dark and deep skin tones.
Light, Pump
$ 28.00
$ 18.00
Light transparent gel for fair skin tones.
Medium, Pump
$ 28.00
$ 18.00
Medium transparent gel that’s practically universal with the exception of very fair or very dark skin tones.
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