Pro Picks by Rie Omoto

- Rie Omoto - Rie Omoto
Rie and Alcone have been fans of one another since she discovered us in the States. We've always had fun supplying her with everything from Lashes to Latex and seeing the awesome things she comes up with!

Born in Okayama, Rie moved to London at the age of 19. It was there she got into makeup and when she was 23 she moved to Paris. Just a few short years later, she relocated to New York and has been there ever since. In 2009 she became the Global Creative Director for a new line, Three Cosmetics. Rie has been hailed by some as "The Queen of Color", and her aesthetic is noticeably clean, and beautiful.

Tip One

Analyze your undertones before you decide what your color pop will be. Beautifully prepared skin will make your color accent even more beautiful.

Tip Two

Start with as little makeup as possible. Remember, you can always add more.