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This Cosmetics Genius boasts some of the most famous celebrity clients in the world, from Katy Perry to Rihanna. Be the first to shop Kabuki'™s must-have™s and favorite products, exclusively selected for Alcone Company.

Kabuki hails from the north of England. With inspiration from his friendship with famed illustrator Errol Le Cain, Kabuki was already an accomplished artist by his teens. He landed his first job in New York as a textile designer but it was his unique flair for outlandish dress and make-up that led him to the then-flourishing NYC club scene. This in turn led to modeling on European runways for Thierry Mugler and performing in the downtown troupe Black Lips.

Tip One

Work with natural light if available. It will reveal the most. Make sure you are physically comfortable, not bending over. In doing your own makeup do it at a desk so you can rest your elbows for a steady hand. When I'm working on a subject, I sit them in a low chair and either sit in a chair of the same height or I kneel in knee pads. This makes it easy to view the makeup from all angles (and without a sore back).

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