Pro Picks by John Caglione Jr

- John Caglione Jr - John Caglione Jr
Academy and Emmy Award Winning Celebrity Makeup Artist, John Caglione Jr is an icon. Shop John's must-haves products from Alcone Company and build your award-winning kit.

John's career began to take flight at the age of 16 upon meeting his hero and makeup maestro Dick Smith. While in High School, John worked as a dental technician in an Albany NY dental lab while honing his prosthetic makeup techniques under the generous guidance of Dick Smith. When John was graduating from High School in 1976, Dick recommended the 18 year old to the NBC -TV New York Makeup Department. During his 6 year stint at NBC as staff makeup artist John worked on Soaps, Vareity Shows, news and with the original cast of SNL putting the tops on the coneheads and Soul Patches on the Blues Brothers. Moving from TV into Film in 1980 John was key makeup designer on Quest For Fire which won the Academy Award for best makeup. In 1982, John designed and applied the many prosthetic characters on Woody Allen in Zelig. John's work on Zelig recieved a BAFTA best makeup nomination.